By the looks of my posts on this blog it would seem like I’m not writing much for some time. In recent months as far back as February I’ve started to journal more. The difference I guess is that the journals are private. The fact that I am writing at all is a positive for me.

I wanted to write more in general for some time. I’ve also wanted to be more active in my journaling. It’s something I wanted to do when Teagan was born and I did for a little while but didn’t keep it up. I’d like to say I’ve improved because of my determination to write. Slightly true however I feel like there is a different answer. That answer to me is Dragon Dictate. My so-called writing isn’t in fact writing it all. It’s mainly my dictation letting the software do the typing. I’ve had Dragon Dictate for several versions on my Mac. I think it’s a fantastic piece of software. My proof is that I think over time spent more on upgrades for it then on any other single piece of software. Unfortunately what has happened in the past is I will get it and use it and then start using it less over time. Part of that was due to feeling self-conscious about using dictation at work. The other part being probably just general laziness. Flash forward to this February I think I got rid of the laziness factor and just started dedicating some more time to writing. Using the dictation software I was able to actually write faster. That meant I could write more in the same amount of time or just get finished quicker.

Once I started sitting at my computer and dictating it was still challenging to find time to do that. I started using the dictation option built right into Siri on my iPhone to dictate into the journaling I use DayOne. That work rather well however it did require corrections more often than I would like. It also required me to do bursts of sentences quickly before the dictation stopped listening. This method still enabled me to keep writing almost daily.

The next big improvement for me was signing up for the Dragon anywhere subscription sometime around May. As a monthly service it’s kind of expensive for what it does. It gives me and always listening dictation option. I find that much better and more accurate than the built-in Siri option for dictation. I figured for $15 a month I would give it a try. What I found that I’m doing now is that I will dictate as I’m walking. I get a lot of my journaling done now between walking from the subway home and walking from the subway to my office. I probably just look like someone talking on the speakerphone to someone however it works surprisingly well.

I still want to do more. I’ve a list of draft topics in my Dragon anywhere app for things that I’m either partially done with or to do’s. That gets me back to trying to find more time in the day to dedicate towards “writting”. My other option is to just go on longer walks! Either way if unable to carve out more time I hope to write more about topics fit for this blog. I’m trying to do some cool things as a hobby however I don’t have the time talk about it.

Other than a few manual corrections this in my last several posts were entirely dictated.

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