I am not so sure who “they” are however “they” say to start at the beginning. For this post thinking about where that beginning is has been murky. When I moved to London I had over a dozen different drafts of things I wanted to write about. I still have most of those drafts and would love to write about those topics. The realities of the move were I had little time to write when we first arrived. In early January when we arrived that was not a problem since I had a backlog of 4 to 6 weeks of written material to use on my posting schedule.  I just depended on how many posts I wanted to schedule per week. At one point I had 3 posts scheduled a week and I was able to streach things out by going down to two.

Then everything changed in mid-January. I  got the call that my dad was dying.  It wasn’t a surprise.  It was unexpectedly so soon.  He had been sick for a while.  The whole situation unfolded much more suddenly than I had thought. By the time I went back to New York and returned back to London I was focused more on getting back into my routine dealing with our shipping container that writing.

At some point I want to write a lot more about my dad’s death however not ready to do that yet.  In any event I still had all these ideas about writing, I just didn’t want to. Over the past few months I posted quick blurbs that I’ve thought about however nothing substantial. This also translated into not really journaling much privately either.  That was something I really enjoyed doing.  I ended up simply logging where I had gone with hopes of going back and writing some blurbs later.

Besides the lack of motivation, it was very challenging to find time. On one hand it is easy to say I was busy.  I have read enough to know that busy is a terrible excuse.  If something was important to me I would simply find time. The reality of the situation was I was depressed about my dad and tired from trying to adopt a new routine.  All I wanted to do at the end of a day when the girls were in sleep was to relax. In recent weeks my wife and I have both felt much more at ease that we are finally settled in. That has helped in getting me to journal more in recent weeks.

Now I feel like I am in the right place to start branching out into blog posts. That brings me to this post. I didn’t need to write all that, however as with much of my writing it felt therapeutic to write it.  And that is why I am writing about this topic as my first full post in a while.

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