After a few false starts I am living my fatherhood dream. The girls and I have a Saturday morning routine to go out for breakfast. The girls now have a drama class salary mornings. When it is my morning to wake up with them I take them to a local breakfast place that M found. It has been pretty good.

The girls are gone into the routine themselves. They know exactly what they want each time we go. It also caution me that I need to remember the order the right kind of. In their speak that means I need to tell the man that they want scrambled eggs instead of sunny side up.

The girls have settled into having scrambled eggs, sausages, and pancakes. They can be so similar at times and so different at the same time. They both love the same meal. Yet A eats her pancakes first then the eggs and sausage. She wants yummy pancakes straight away.

T on the other hand eats all of her eggs and sausage first. She does not touch the pancakes until she’s done with everything else. I have asked on at least two occasions why she is doing it. Her responses “it is my desert.”

The second time I queried her I kinda knew the answer. I asked anyway because her response just makes me smile.

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