Even before we left for England we knew there would be things we would miss or could not get while there. From what we read lots of people struggle with missing certain kinds of food from home. We also had trouble with not being able to find certain brands or products in the stores.

There have definitely been types of food that just point the same here. Too much less to groupers been things you can buy here in the store that we could only get in America. We’ve had enough family visiting that they bring any odds and ends that we just cant get. Food on the other hand is hard just isn’t an option and must we find an equivalent here.

Most of the things in relation to food I don’t think it is the same here isn’t a major urge to walk all the time. For example a good slice of New York pizza is very different than what I can get here. It doesn’t drive me crazy enough that it really matters. I love good Southern barbecue. Even in New York I didn’t go that often so not having it is an a huge problem. Growing up in New York from the bagels anywhere else just aren’t the same.M and i used to get bagels at least once a weekend pretty regularly when we lived in New York. That was one thing that I thought I would really mess when we moved. When I think about it I miss it. I just don’t think about it too often.

In May M flew to Washington DC for the Early Bank Holiday weekend. She went to one of her best friends wedding. . When M got home Monday morning she surprised us with bagels from DC. I ran out to the local market and picked up some cream cheese and smoked salmon. We had a proper Biggles and smoked salmon.

It was delicious. Much better than anything we could get in London. It reminded me that as much as I love Bagal’s I just don’t miss it that much. Apparently M and her friends swung by a bagel store Sunday late afternoon on the way to the airport. By the time we got them they want exactly fresh however they were still better than anything I can get here. That will probably be the most longest bagal delivery I will ever have.

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