My kids have enjoyed many of Mo Williams books. I can still get laughs out of them from elephant and piggy books. They have also enjoyed Knuffle Bunny since they have been as old as Trixie in the first book.

After our last holiday I was reading the girls Knuffle Bunny Free. They were asking lots of questions that were very insightful for children their age. Sometimes it’s hard to get through book because they ask so many questions. Sometimes that’s great since their questions are very funny. This night they were asking what seemed like a lot of questions. I was trying to answer all of the topics to their satisfaction. When I got to the end of the book I realised my biggest take away from it was that airline they flew on really does not know how to clean planes. They were gone a week and Knuffle Bunny just sat in that seat back pouch.

I know that’s not the point. I know that it’s improbable they would’ve sat in the same seat on the same plane. I guess my frame of mind after traveling was just to zoom in on the fact that that plane must be really dirty.

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