“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”. That is a quote for the new Doctor Who Season 5, Episode 13. There are many pop culture quotes (several of them from Doctor Who) that I loved over the years, however this quote stands out amoung most things I have heard. I have slowly grown to believe that what matters in life is the expeiences you have. Like the quote says we’re all stories.

In December 2017 my family and I started writting the ultimate story in our lives. We moved from New York to London. Part of the motivation is that life is your experiences so why not experience living in another culture. In starting this great adventure I wanted to update this blog to reflect that theme in my life. After thinking about it for a while and reading a few silly, and some more cliche names for expat blogs. After doing that I came up with mine. “A Scott Odyssey”. To me the name and this entire site conveys the journey I am on and yet at the same time I was able to play on a great Sci-Fi movie “A Space Odyssey”.

First and formost I write for me. I find writting the stories and journal entries for the past decade and a half to be very theraputic and entertaining. I write this blog knowing that I am sharing it with the internet. I hope that others find it interesting.

The focus of this site (and the name and URL) has changed a lot over the years. I took a trip down memory lane and wrote a brief Site History page.