My Own Frequently Asked Questions Page

So, I thought it would be a good idea to finally write about writing about myself.  If you read this site in some ways you would get to know me better.  In other ways you might not know me at all.  Why?  There are some things I just don’t talk about.  Others I only vaguely reference.  Yet others I might discuss at length.  Is there any rhyme or reason to my madness?  In the immortal words of Reverend Lovejoy on The Simpsons, “short answer yes with an if, no with a but”.  What does all that mean?  I figured I would put together this little FAQ or about page to explain some stuff.  At least it gives me clarity, maybe it will do the same for readers.

I talk about work, but not really.

I talk about work allot, but because of some of the stuff I do I can’t really discuss details.  That means I may be very vauge at times, or just give general overviews of what is going on.  I used to have tons of public stuff on this site, but over time I have realized that the most detailed stuff should be private.  I still write about details at work, but those posts are put up on a separate private work blog.  Just remember I truely write this for me.  People reading it is an added bonus, but the private stuff is just that private and needs to remain away from the public Internet.

I talk about computers, and gadgets allot.

I make no excuses for it.  I like computers and certain kinds of gadgets.  I am also in the Technology field.  I like to write about gadgets and things I have played with or software I have tested out.  To me it is very relaxing and enjoyable to do.  That is why I may have entire posts about one device or another, and just a blurb about going out with friends one night.  Or I might not even mention things I have done to write about some technology news.  It is what I enjoy writing about, but does not define who I am.

I don’t mention where I work, or exactly what I do, why?

See part of the previous answer.  Privacy is sort of a myth, but I need to leave out certain details for everyones sake.  I am not deluded that if you didn’t know who I am that you could figure it out.  In the near future I may be a bit less ambiguous but not just yet.