There I was on vacation. No computer, no mobile phone, etc and I need to do something sometimes. So of course I turned to TV. With half the channels in spanish, and the other half crap I had slim pickings. I did what I never like to do, watch the news. So I have to ask myself why multiple cable news channels have to devote hours of the day on non news topics? When I mean non news topics I mean a subject that should have gotten 2 minutes of coverage and the they move on? For example the missing teenager in Aruba. According the news she has been missing over 2 months. Why then is the news playing footage of some kid in a dance re-sidle 60 days after she went missing? I gotta say there is more important news to talk about. Maybe the 2 countries we currently have military forces fighting and dying in for starters?

Can anyone really tell me that if this girl was an african american from the Bronx that the news networks would be covering this so much? Come on?

Not to pick on one over exposed story, you could have the hours of news coverage discussing the contradictory statements by some old juror on the Jackson trial. She is changing her statements saying she has doubts or something like that about the trial. You were there, you voted, now shut up and go back to your life. I and most of the normal world didn’t want to hear about the trial when it went on, so now I really don’t want to hear about it.

I don’t want this blog to become political, but I had to express my frustration at the state of TV news today. When I was a kid my mom always said I used to sit in front of the TV and watch the news for hours. That was when news was actual news. Now I almost never turn on the news, and get my current events from blogs or the AP and Reuters news feeds. They remain the last (partially) unbiased news sources out there. One part of the vacation I am looking forward to leaving is bad cable. Returning home to my DVR and the ability to filter out all the crap shows and news out there is a wonderful thing. I want to know what is going on in the world, but what most think is newsworthy I think is more nonsense than anything else I guess. Something can be important for 2 minutes, and be nonsense when discussed for 60 days.

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