Back in early October I was curious enough to pick up and other Apple Watch. I bought a series 138 mm. I felt the 30 mm was better fit on my wrist even though my other watches are larger. From what I read series 1 was as fast as the series to and should solve all the problems that I felt I had with what is now called the series 0. As much as the series 1 wasn’t super cheap, it wasn’t that expensive. At present it’s actually the most expensive watch I own since my Seiko was slightly more.

Since I bought the Apple watch for the second time I’ve been using it exclusively. I like it. Functionality wise I’ve been pleased with it. I haven’t had major frustrations with the speed of anything that it does like I did with the series 0.  I find myself telling the watch to set the timer or an alarm often. I also like the ability to see how much times less than the timer instead of having to go to my phone. Other advantages of the Apple watch for me has been the fact that I do not need to wear my Fitbit. Seeing and sometimes replying to texts on the phone has been useful however I don’t do it often. Also the ability to answer the phone and talk on speakerphone briefly from the watch is something I don’t do often but I’ve done it and it’s been helpful at those times.

Right after I bought the series 1 I regretted not having the waterproof series 2. The series 1 was available immediately when I ordered it whereas the series 2 I would’ve had to wait almost a month for. When I bought it I didn’t think I really cared much about the waterproof. I had some buyers remorse and thought about returning it within the two week period I get from Apple to make a return. In the end I opted to keep the cheaper version of the watch did not think the waterproof would come in handy for me.

Until Friday of this week I’d worn the watch every day since I got. Recently however I missed the nicer looking watches I own. I contemplated switching back however i was concerned about the loss of functionality if I stopped using a “smart watch”. Friday for some reason I decided to put on my X-33 and where that instead. What I found was a few times during the day I went to look at the watch to see the date. I also went to set the timer and after two seconds I put my arm down and reached for my phone to do it instead. Other than that I didn’t really miss the smartwatch. I had to get used to the fact that the X-33  was noticeably heavier then the Apple Watch. It makes sense that it was heavier however I am use to my titanium X-33 being the lightest thing I wear.

When I first started wearing my jawbone Up several years ago I wanted to encourage myself to be more active. Nowadays I’m pretty knowledgeable in knowing what I do and how active that makes me. I learned a lot from four or more years of wearing an activity band. Friday when I put the Fitbit on since I wasn’t going to be having the Apple Watch I immediately took off the Fitbit. I did not want to wear the extra weight or hear the clanking of the Fitbit against my Omega. The loss of the standup notifications in my activity tracking was slightly noticeable however I was pretty okay with it.

We are traveling this weekend and at first I packed the charger for the Apple Watch so I can bring it with me. Before we left however I put it away and unpacked all the gear I needed for it and just put on my Speedmaster instead. Yesterday I again went to my wrist for a few things that the  Apple watch does for me before I realized I didn’t have it. Other than that I don’t really miss it day-to-day. I miss the idea of it and how cool I think doing electronic stuff on my wrist sounds like. In practice however I don’t miss it. I also like how my mechanical watches look significantly better than the smartwatch.I feel like that sums it all up for me and why I’m not so sure if I’ll wear the smartwatch again.

Unfortunately I know myself and I’ll sell something and not have it for a while and little get updated and I’ll feel like hey this major issue I had with it is solved I should get it again. That’s why I got the series 1 in the first place. I’m glad I did because it was an improvement however when you boil it down I just don’t feel like I need it. I do waffle about this stuff so it doesn’t mean that I don’t want it sometimes however functional speaking I don’t miss it.

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